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  • US-Japan Digital Brain Arc Forum: Building a Brain Arc Between the U.S.A., Japan and Beyond for the Digital Future

US-Japan Digital Brain Arc Forum: Building a Brain Arc Between the U.S.A., Japan and Beyond for the Digital Future

  • 13 Apr 2018
  • 1:00 PM - 2:10 PM
  • OSU Page Hall PA (Room #130) Building 061, 1810 College Rd Columbus, OH 43210

US-Japan Digital Brain Arc Forum:Building a Brain Arc Between the U.S.A., Japan and Beyond for the Digital Future

A joint open forum sponsored by The Ohio State University and Nagoya University

Friday, April 13, 2018
1:00-2:10 PM

Page Hall PA (Room #130)
Building 061
1810 College Rd
Columbus, OH 43210

Business attire is recommended.

Registration not required but recommended. To register, please visit https://artsandsciences.osu.edu/us-japan-digital-brain-arc-forum.

The Midwest region, once the heart of manufacturing in the 1960s, has been called the Rust Belt due to deindustrialization and economic decline in the region.  In parts of this region, however, various advanced industries and universities have collaborated to adapt and to take advantage of the digital revolution in fields such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cyber Security. With an innovative eco-system being developed via smart city initiatives and digital human capital development, certain areas of the Rust Belt have successfully been emerging as hotspots of global innovation.  Antoine van Agtmael and Fred Bakke call this region the Brain Belt in their book and have done research on what conditions, innovation and ecosystems could transform the Rust Belt to the Brain Belt.

On the other hand, once boasting overwhelming industrial competitiveness by quality control skills that Dr. Edwards Deming brought, Japan has lagged behind global competition in adopting the digital revolution and fallen into the lost decades of economic stagnation. Prime Minister Abe’s administration, however, puts his highest priority on developing human capital and strengthening university governance. Under this political agenda, some universities try to establish innovative eco-systems in cooperation with local industries and governments, introducing Data Science, AI, and Cyber Security into their regions. These universities, in collaboration with local industry and governments, are eager to learn successful models from leading U.S. universities and industries in the digital field. These developments are an example of a burgeoning of Brain Belt in Japan. The Abe administration is committed to support strongly these university efforts especially in collaborative activities with U.S. universities and industries.  

A strong bridge into the digital future by connecting the Brain Belts in both countries, through university active collaborations, could be called a Brain Arc. In this Forum, stakeholders from industries, universities, and governments in the US and Japan meet together to discuss issues, potential areas of collaboration, and the next steps to build this Brain Arc between the U.S.A., Japan and beyond.

米国では1960年代に世界の製造業の中心だった中西部地帯の衰退化が著しく、錆びた地帯Rust Beltと呼ばれた。ただ、近年これらの地域は新たに起きたデジタルの波、Dataサイエンス、AI、セキュリティをいち早く導入し、その推進のために多くの最先端企業と大学がコラボレーションを推進した。市民をイノベートにするスマートシティ構想、あるいは未来を担うデジタル人材育成等、イノベーションエコシステムの整備等が次々行われ、見事に復活してきているケースが知られだした。Antoine van AgtmaelとFred Bakkeはこれをブレインベルトと呼び、それを導く適切なエコシステムの条件を調べている。

他方、日本においてはEdward Demingが伝えた品質管理をいち早く実用化させ、長い間、圧倒的な競争力をもったが、新たに胎動してきたデジタルの波への対応・導入が世界に後れを取り、暗い長いトンネルに入った。しかしながら、安倍政権の出現により、人財づくりが最優先に掲げられ、大学のガバナンスの強化等が整備され始めた。これにより、幾つかの大学では地域経済、地方自治体と積極的に連携し、Dataサイエンス、AI、セキュリティ等を取り上げ、また、イノベーションエコシステムの確立を目指し動き始めている。これらの大学では地域と連携し、先行した米大学、産業界から直接学ぼうとする動きも顕著となってきており、既に日本のブレインベルトと言えるものが現れつつある。また、政府はこのような動きを支援するために、海外、特に米国との連携にあらゆる支援を考えだしているところである。

本ワークショップでは、日米の相互のブレインベルトをより積極的に連携させ、未来への強固な架け橋、「ブレインアーク(Brain Arc)」の構築のための今後の取り組み等につき、産業界、大学、政府等の関係者が一堂に会し議論することとする。

Agenda | アジェンダ

13:00 Opening Remark - Ohio State Government

13:05 Keynote - Dr. Shuzaburo Takeda, President of Takeda and Associates

  • Digital Era: exponential, convergence, and connected
  • Digital technology-based industry, digital-based society, digital-based human capital
  • Data as the most valuable resource
  • Digital mind set leading to innovation
  • From Rust Belt to Brain Belt; Value of Brain Arc 
  • From Midwest and South East to West to Japan to Southeast Asia to India and to Africa
  • New pedagogy in digital era; developing humanity; new safety net 
  • Future of US and Japan via Brain Arc

13:20 Hub1 - Dr. Christopher Hadad, Dean of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, Ohio State University

  • Ohio State University as the regional hub of innovation
  • Regional economic development and Brain Arc by OSU

13:35 Hub2  - Japanese Universities and Industries

  • Nagoya University: NU-PRACTISS (The Nagoya University Project to Renovate A City into a Tech Innovative Smart Society)
  • Tsukuba University: Innovation in Tsukuba
  • Tohoku University: TBC
  • Efforts and comments by Japanese Universities and Industries (TBD)

14:10 Closing remark - Consulate General of Japan in Detroit (TBC)

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