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    • 27 Jun 2019
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • online Webinar

    Tell It Like It Is Thursday® Webinar Series – June

    Danielle Walton

    Five Big Changes Impacting Consumer Behavior…movement that may impact YOU in your career

    Over the past 10 years, radical changes in the technology landscape has impacted consumer behavior and their buying journey. The rise of Google, iPhones, social media, tablets, apps, mobile first and streaming media are just a few of the changes that have significantly disrupted how people live and work, and how they buy things. And of course, when people change how they act, live and buy, it requires companies to change how they market and sell products and services.

    We will discuss the five big changes that we believe will impact consumer behavior over the next 10 years that will be critical for you to understand as you move in your career.

    Three Takeaways:

    • The most impactful technology advances of the past decade, and their effect on the consumer journey
    • The five big changes that leaders and companies need to prepare for
    • What you need to know to remain relevant as you move in your career

    Thursday, June 27, 2019

    12:00pm - 1:00pm EST

    Series Sponsor

    • 07 Jul 2019
    • 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    • Coffman Pavilion, Coffman park, 5200 Emerald Pkwy, Dublin, OH 43017

    Celebrate Tanabata - the Star Festival - on Sunday, July 7, 2-6 PM at the Coffman Pavilion in Dublin’s Coffman Park! Join JASCO and many other Japan-related organizations from across the region as we celebrate the traditional Japanese festival of Tanabata, held on the seventh month of the seventh day. The festival is free and open to all!

    7月7日、午後2時から午後6時までダブリン市コフマンパークにあるコフマン・パビリオンにてJASCO七夕祭りを開催致します。 7月の7日目に開催される日本の伝統的な七夕祭りを祝うために、この地域から多くの日本関連企業も参加致します。 七夕祭りは、すべての人参加可能で無料です。


    Festival Games

    • yoyo-tsuri (water balloon yoyo fishing) | ヨーヨー釣り
    • superball-sukui (superball scooping) | スパーボールすくい
    • wanage (ring toss) | 輪投げ
    • shateki (target shooting) | 射的

    Tanzaku Writing Station | 短冊テント


    2:00 - Hiuchi Daiko / 火打太鼓

    2:30 - Columbus Koto Ensemble/ コロンバス琴アンサンブル

    3:00 - Columbus Kimono / コロンバス着物

    3:30 – J-ART band / J-ARTバンド

    4:00 - Break 

    4:15 - Ukelele Group / ウクレレ隊

    4:45 - Dublin Baptist Church ESL Gospel Choir / ダブリンバプテスト教会ESLゴスペルクワイア

    5:15 - Dublin Taiko / ダブリン太鼓


    • Yakisoba | 焼きそば
    • Corndogs | アメリカンドッグ
    • Cotton Candy | 綿あめ
    • Shaved Ice | かき氷


    This event has been made possible due to the support of the following sponsors:


    Tanabata Festival Volunteer Form

    • 16 Aug 2019
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • DEC Training Center, 1st Floor, Two Metro Place, 565 Metro Place S, Dublin, OH 43017
    • 25

    JASCO特別 ビジネスセミナー




    DECトレーニング・センター,1階,Two Metro Place, 565 Metro Place S, Dublin, OH 43017

    入場料 (ランチに含まれる)







    • 19 Aug 2019
    • 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • DEC Training Center, Two Metro Place, 565 Metro Place S, Dublin, OH 43017
    • 18

    Japanese Business Etiquette Culture Seminar

    A special seminar held in partnership with Mirai InterCultural Language and Consulting.

    An interactive seminar designed to introduce professionals to Japanese business etiquette and culture.

    Learn how to greet Japanese people

    What is the most important thing to do when greeting a Japanese person? You will learn important knowledge about Japanese greetings that you will be able to use in your next interaction with a Japanese client or colleague with confidence

    Learn what you need to build relationships

    What do you need to build lasting relationships with your Japanese colleagues/clients? You will learn about Japanese business culture and behaviors as well as practical survival tips to help you build trusting relationships in the workplace.

    Be prepared for what to do next

    Now that you've met, what should you do? This workshop is designed to build your confidence in your ability to work effectively with Japanese people. Essential phrases are practiced in fun and interactive sessions!


    9:00 - Introduction to the Workshop

    9:15 - Language Session I: Bowing

    10:00 - Facts about Japan and its society

    11:00 - Dos and don'ts about Japanese etiquette

    11:45 - Language Session II: Office talk

    12:30 - Japanese food manners

    1:00 - End of workshop


    JASCO members - $30

    Non-Members - $40

    A Japanese bento lunch - to be eaten during the "Japanese food manners" part of the seminar - is included in the registration cost.

    The seminar is limited to 25 people, so be sure to register today!


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